As cannabis use becomes more mainstream and accepted throughout the country, more and more people are having cannabis stations, or “Bud Bars”, at their special events, such as weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, reunions, etc. Having a Bud Bar is a great way to take your special event to the next level! Some benefits of having a Certified Ganjier at your event include:

  • The Ganjier helping to curate a menu (using your own cannabis is also an option)
  • The Ganjier handling consumption levels for guests
  • Having the Ganjier on-site to educate on proper cannabis usage
  • Not needing to worry about set-up and tear-down of the Bud Bar

Please watch the video on this page for more information.
If you’re interested in booking a Certified Ganjier for your event, please e-mail us at [email protected] for pricing or answers to any questions you might have!

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