About Us

Hello, and welcome to Fog City Cannabis. My name is Scott Reiman, and I’m a Certified Ganjier. You might be asking yourself “what is a Ganjier?

You may be familiar with a Sommelier, someone who is formally trained in all things wine-related. Sommeliers are the people who come up with the ratings you see on the wine you purchase. They’re the ones who recommend the perfect wine to pair with that seafood pasta. They’re the ones at the winery, giving you more information about the wine youʼre drinking than you could have ever imagined. Thatʼs what a Ganjier is, except for cannabis instead of wine.

The Ganjier program was an intensive online and in-person program completed over the course of a year. In order to receive this certification, an aspiring Ganjier must complete courses, attend a live training in Humboldt, CA and pass the three-part exam. This exam consists of a 100 question written test, a live customer service exam, and a cannabis assessment exam.

You can read more about the Ganjier program here. There was also a fantastic article describing the program in Forbes Magazine, which can be found here.

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